General Help

After you complete a Gig, the payout will begin a processing period while we validate that the deliveries were completed successfully. Once the payout clears, it will appear in your balance. If you've signed up for Instant Pay, you can cash out your balance immediately for a small fee. Otherwise, any accumulated balance will be automatically sent via direct deposit every Tuesday morning. Please note that payments sent via direct deposit may take 2-3 business days to appear in your account.
Once a Gig is completed, the payout amount will immediately appear underneath "Processing". Payments typically remain processing for about a day, although an expedited processing period is available if you sign up for Instant Pay.
Once you’re eligible, you’ll see a message in the Roadie app menu. Tap on the message to add a valid debit card to the Bank Info in your Driver Profile. Please note that for security purposes, we prevent Drivers from cashing out with Instant Pay if they've recently added or changed their debit card.
To qualify for Instant Pay, you must have completed your first Gig more than 7 days ago, and delivered a total of at least 5 Gigs.
When you cash out your balance via Instant Pay, you should expect payment within a few minutes, although some banks may take longer.
Before you can offer on Gigs and earn money on Roadie, we require Drivers to provide certain information and complete a tutorial of how our service works. Tap "Complete Required Action" within the app and follow the steps to become eligible for Gigs.
If you're receiving some notifications but aren't getting any new Gig alerts, tap the gear icon in the app's menu to check to see if you have Local Gig Notifications turned on. Otherwise, check your device's notification settings to see if notifications have been turned off for the entire Roadie App. If they're on and you're still not receiving notifications, reach out to our Support team and we'll help you out.
After you offer, we use notifications to let you know whether or not you've been accepted. We also use these to remind you in case you miss the initial notification.
We use your location to verify that you're within a reasonable distance of the pickup location when offering on local Gigs. Once you start a Gig, we use your location to provide updates to the Sender and recipient.
Yes! Your past Gigs will still be included in your Gig History in this new Roadie experience.
First, browse the map and offer on Gigs that make sense for your schedule. When you offer, you're letting us know that you're available to drive. Typically, for local Gigs, we'll let you know if you've been selected within 15 minutes. Drivers are selected based on a variety of factors, including rating, proximity to the pickup location, and previous ratings from that Sender. For more about Gig Matching, check out our blog on the Roadie website.
No. To protect the privacy of our Senders and recipients, we will only give you an exact location once you're assigned to the Gig.
No. Asking for more money on a Gig is against Roadie's Terms and Conditions. Payment for Gigs are based on the Driver already heading in the delivery direction. If a Gig doesn't seem worth it, you are totally free to pass on it and wait for the next one that fits your plans and pays what you want.
No. If you need more details or are concerned about a Gig, please reach out to Support.
Yes! As long as the pickup locations are in the same general area and you're not currently delivering another Gig, you could be accepted on multiple Gigs at once.
Yes! Some Gigs on the Roadie platform contain multiple deliveries that are going in the same direction. Note that deliveries within a Gig cannot be separated - if you decide that you no longer want to drive a Gig, you'll be removed from all deliveries within that Gig.
Life happens! If you've been accepted on a Gig but can no longer complete it, you can cancel it within the app. Please cancel as soon as you can, and be aware that cancelling too many times can affect your chances of receiving similar Gigs in the future. Note that if a Gig contains multiple deliveries, you'll be removed from all deliveries.
Once assigned to a Gig (or more than one Gig), we'll combine all pickups and deliveries into a single route. You can see an summary of this route by tapping "Overview". As you complete stops, we'll automatically suggest the next stop based off your current location and current traffic conditions. If you'd like to go out of order, you can select your next stop by tapping its pin on the map.
Tap the "Get Help" button at the bottom of the drawer to see a few common issues that we can fix within the app, like if the items aren't ready at pickup or there's no recipient at the delivery location to sign for a delivery. If we can't solve your problem there, we'll give you a button to contact Support.
Yes, you may call Support. However, we've found that text can often be more convenient and improve response times, since it allows our Support team to solve multiple issues at once. Depending on the scenario, we'll either suggest that you call or send a text to Support. Don't worry - if we can't resolve the issue via text, Roadie Support will give you a call so you can talk through it.
Please let us know by tapping the "Send Feedback" button within the app's menu.
If you'd like to share the app, the app is now available to all Drivers in both the Play Store and Apple App Store, so just tell them to search for "Roadie Driver" and it should appear. Unfortunately, we no longer offer bonuses for referring new drivers.